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Monday, 1 December 2014

If it is forever then it might possible that it is not LOVE !!
I know overthinking is a disease. And one should stop thinking ..i mean overthinking.
But you see i can not help it. If something is killing from inside, how can i keep calm??

Grrrrr...u know i came here so that i can write what is in mind what to know what on earth is bothering me.Let me start , this very new page with a small introduction of myself.

I am Sachi Dubey. After completing my graduation in engg i went for masters in Marketing idea why? I work for Mobile Applications and i am fed up for everything around me and you know my best friend is getting married...hell yeahh!! :(

Moving ahead , today i just want you guys to know what is actually bothering me. Its one of my friend and seriously a friend only i dont why he is ignoring me for very long.. i mean why i dont know, if he thinks that i love him that it is no TRUE.!!
Because i dont love him, in fact i can not love any one...right now.

Please on earth you dumb A** talk to me for once and then go and die somewhere. i dont care even if you exists after that.

Signing Off